Sunday, 20 March 2011

Tapas In Estado Puro NH Neptuno, Madrid

I had been to Estaduo Puro before and it as I had not gone back for a while thought it would be a great place to have a sunny Saturday lunch looking over Neptuno

Let see the place is a lot of fun and they have some great interesting ideas and fun presentations... see previous post!!

The entrance

The menu the two sets of prices are for inside the restaurant and outside the restaurant in the terraza. 

Photo of a photographers sister taking a photo of a  photographer.... 

I love ensaladilla russa, it always takes me back to my grandmother making it and summer days in Madrid. This version is a well worked version of the ensaladilla. They make a mayonnaise with some of the tuna and egg to mix in so there is a strong taste of tuna. The espuma of mayonnaise on top was a nice touch.

These looked very pretty, patatas bravas. My only niggle with this is that they were not spicy enough. the roasted new potatoes were an interesting choice but I personally always like the potatoes to be crispy and fluffy.

Flamnquin of jamon and foie. Little bit of beef  jamon and foie grass breaded and fried.  

Croquetas de Jamon.  

They were nice, interesting the use of leeks into the mixture, flavour wise good..

Chicken wings with chimmichurri, this was a real let down for me as I am a very big fan of chicken wings and love me some great chicken wings. These ones where boiled or steamed and tossed in a little chimichurri. Loved the paper presentation. 

Mini burgers, this ones were good actually really enjoyed them.  Liked the bread with straw chips.

Bombas de carne. Potatoes stuffed with meat, spicy tomato sauce and alioli . Enjoyed this too.  This is dish is very popular in barcelona and enjoyed this version. Although I have to say that the sauce underneath was spicy made this a great dish!

 Fried aubergines with honey. The aubergines looked really good and fried well, but the honey dip was way too sweet for it so it ended up over powering the aubergines.

Pigs trotters with cuttlefish: This dish had for me a good and bad side, the good great pigs trotters , sticky and great flavour. 
Desserts (left to right): San Marcos, Cuajada of chocolate and Tiramisu. These were very good  we fought over the tiramisu !

So Estado Puro, interesting modern take on tapas! Great view of Neptuno ! I recommend the desserts.

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