Sunday, 6 March 2011

A little piece of tradition

This is how they serve Cochinillo in Meson De Candido in Segovia. More than two hundred years old! This is what its all about great product made simply.

 I had the pleasure of eating here for the first time this year. Although I had already met Candido and his team when they came to London to do their culinary show.

Simply made the cochinillo with salt, water and pig fat. Crispy outside and tender inside.

Celebrating Segovian Gastronomy week we started with a game terrine made of pigeon, duck and hare wrapped with bacon and a fig compote and fig reduction 
Seared trout on a bed of spinach, candied lemon zest and honey blossom sauce
The Suckling pig or Cochinillo that Candido chopped for us, served with its juices. No garnish nothing just the crispy skin and the succulent sweet tasting meat.

Caramelized Torrija with chocolate ice-cream. Soft and fluffy first time I have tried torrija that had not been fried but soaked in a mixture of milk sugar, lemon zest and cinnamon. It was like eating a piece of bread soaked in sweet milk. Wonderful!

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