Friday, 18 March 2011

Bar Tomate in Madrid

Went to Bar Tomate which is part of the Tragaluz Group, in Madrid. Had a very interesting Sunday Lunch. Really enjoyed the relaxed style of food, very brasserie-esk.

Little bread basket, good bread

Selection of croquetas, queso azul (blue cheese), setas (mushrooms) and jamon... the fun thing was trying to figure out which was which!! Haha by the time you where half way through them you were kind of like oh right this one is the cheese one!

Liked this dish nice crispy fried fresh artichokes with salt ! 

Waffer thin pizza cooked in a wood oven with blue cheese and sun dried tomatoes. The base was good but the oven was not hot enough so we got a soggy pizza base, which was a shame but it was still good. The great thing about wood ovens is that of you get them nice and hot you can bake a pizza in 4 minutes but with a super crispy base!

This was fun as well, toast bread with escalibada which is roasted peppers, aubergines and onion with boquerones in vinegar and black olives 

Layered potatoes with sobrasada, poached egg and manchego cheese shavings, this dish was a real revelation to me, it had all the ingredients for a sunday lunch, potatoes, meat, egg and cheese! Great hangover food.

Chipirones with fried egg... this dish did not work for me not a big fan of sauteed chipirones with egg... sauteed chipirones great love them... fried egg, there is nothing better but together I personally did not like it

Duo of white and dark chocolate cake... love chocolate, it was ok, have to say my sister makes great chocolate cakes so a little bit spoilt there. Oh and I know its sounds like oh yeah my sister can make it better, but its more like my sister bakes kick ass cakes!!

I have a big problem with tart tatins, more than anything is that I have had to make a few of them and having learnt from chefs like Michel Roux how to make tart tatins that must have a lovely caramelised sauce coming from the pan it really bugs me when people serve it like poached apples on pastry. You have to balance the sweetness of caramelised sugar tart apples and flaky pastry and must be served hot !! 

 So all in all great place to go grab a meal, recommend for anyone who wants to get something a little different when they are in Madrid. Plus on the upside Friday and Saturday nights the place turns in to a bar and club after dinner with DJ and everything. Great addition to the Madrid eating scene.

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