Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Fun Interesting Indian Restaurant in Marylebone

Had a great Sunday Lunch the other day in a small Indian restaurant called Trishna http://www.trishnalondon.com/ . This place was suggested by a food photographer and well I was very surprised by the creativity of the food. Judge for yourself.

Two dips for the poppadoms
The poppadoms were grilled and tasted interesting
A potato dish that I cant remember the name off, lucky you, but it was spectacular with the spiciness, crispy caramelised onions with a yoghurt sauce.
Grilled quail tandoori with sesame seeds and cucumber with  yoghurt
Tandoori Guinea fowl with lentils. Lovely way of steering away from  traditional chicken.

Seafood briyani with scallops and prawns. Dahl with what ended up being a very spicy fried chilli
Yoghurt Raita, spinach, plain chapatti and garlic naan and the dahl
My favourite dessert Gulab Jamun, little balls of sweetness fried in gee and soaked in sugar syrup. Served warm, it was so good that I had it with the ice-cream on the side and never ate the ice-cream
Warm mango rice pudding
Cumin magdalanes

Highly recommended if you would like to have an interesting Indian meal. They also have a great Lunch menu!!

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