Sunday, 6 March 2011

Does anybody else think that this is wrong?

Does anybody else think that the use of Tapas on this sign is a little bit strange? I mean, I enjoy fusion and love a little bit of mixture and different influences but is it not a little wrong to use the term tapas for indian food?

Firstly tapas is Spanish and its all about small portions but at the same time so is mezze and dim-sum. Why would they use the term Tapas for Indian food because its fashionable? Seeing it like this they could have said Indian Dim-Sum which in my opinion is a little bit more in keeping with asian food. Any comments from anybody?

Are culinary terms that are regionally specific interchangeable? Could we now have Indian Paella as well or Spanish Dahl? Should we be using fashionable terms to sell our food even if it has nothing to do with our food ? Should we sell out ?

Still my opinion is that they should not call it Indian Tapas...

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