Saturday, 8 October 2011

Tapas in Malaga Take 1

After some time away, busy with work and traveling have just remembered that I have not posted in a while. So here is a little taste of tapas in Malaga... 

First stop La Cosmopolita new place just opened about 6 months ago. Nice little tin with some great crisps, just what you want on a warm summer/autumn evening

The picos and the bread... good stuff... always nice to munch on...

Croquetas de cecina with almond alioli... these were really good, the cecina came out nice and rich and with the almond alioli great contrast... off to the next place...

Alumbre... just opened this summer in Malaga just off Calle Marques de Larios ...  terraza nice !!

This was suggested to us by the waitress it is their signature dish... Tiramisu Foie... very very interesting...  so this is the breakdown... cookie base, foie gras goats cheese mousse and moscatel gelatin ontop... my suggestion and this is only an opinion... take the foie out of the dish and you have a great cheese cake... keep the foie gras with the toast bread and you have two great dishes... together, well????!!!!???? 

This was a dish that was interesting and wanted to try as well... tataki of salmon, the salmon was very good but the seaweed underneath was way way to seasoned with soy sauce... the salmon really really good, I am a big fan to salmon tataki!!

So this is now the big trend in all the tapas bars... you have to have a burger... so we had the burger... it was ok, not bad, almost classic in its design but with Iberico pork... 

This was fun... on the left watermelon ganite with mint and on the right chocolate in textures... I know what you are thinking and I was thinking the same thing when the waitress suggested the watermelon granite... I was like well... but and this is the funny thing I would normally say that the chocolate dessert was better, but in this case the watermelon kicked its ass. Great combination of actual watermelon chunks, watermelon granite and mint, refreshing and really good. The chocolate dessert was good too... white chocolate mousse, dark chocolate cream and chocolate chunks... good, but the watermelon was better

Cute way of presenting the bill... keep a lid on it ;)

Well this was the first part... next up Lamoraga tapas bar !!! Yummy !!! 

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