Sunday, 14 August 2011

Mexico and mexican food

Was in Mexico, in Guanajuato and had a very interest time with the food. Unfortunately could not remember the names of the different dishes I tried. Here is a compilation of the different dishes. For those of you out there who can identify them please feel free to contact me and we can fill in the blanks!

When in doubt look for Pollo Feliz, great bbq chicken take care with the grilled jalapeƱo peppers. Service with a smile and the chicken succulent and tende

When in mexico, you have to have guacamole, the first time I have had guacamole that had the flavor of the avocado and not drowned with lemon juice.... spicy just right with the totopos

Nacho with queso.... yummy

Las Mercedes Comida Mexicana Artesanal: great restaurant in the hills of Guanajuato. The restaurant is just like eating the a family house and the service and food is wonderful

Grilled Nopales with cheese... is what I can remember

Flautas... I cant remember what they where of.... please help if someone knows

Queso fundido, if I´m not mistaken its with queso fresco, this was great warm cheese in oil with chile pasillas and crusty bread

Chicharon... speciality of the region crispy ask for the roasted chipotle sauce to dip in

Chicken with a mole sauce, wonderful depth of flavor with the chiles, chocolate and cinnamon

You cannot be in Guanajuato and not have tacos from the taco stands... will not be able to tell you which is which as we tried all 11 types they had... yes if you look closely you will see 11 different tacos. I know there was Tacos al pastor, tacos minero and 9 other types. The best thing aside from the flavors of the tacos is seeing them made in front of you. The synchronized movements of the chefs as they prepare tacos for the people around the stall. 

In a restaurant calle Real de La Esperanza another restaurant in the hills of Guanajuato this one is in an old Church... very interesting sites. Caesar salad.. had to try one made in Mexico as it was invented in Mexico... Tijuana... and a very reliable source tells me so where the Margaritas...

This is Cecina which is beef ham... a little surprise for us as we expected Cecina like in Spain, the fried version here was interesting. Reminded me of the Beef Bacon you can get in Malaysia for breakfast. 
Great big chuleton, 500gr steak... wanted to try the local beef... how local was not sure. Not bad at all

A lovely view of Guanajuato... from the hills over looking the city...

For the mornings when you need to prepare for a busy day... huevos rotos... tortilla with fired egg, ham and cheese... sets you up for the day !!


  1. woe very nice and testy Mexican cuisine foods.i love all Mexican foods.

  2. Thank you for sharing. Everything looks delicious! I just called and ordered Mexican food delivery in Boston, MA because your post and pictures made me so hungry.