Wednesday, 6 July 2011

El Viajante

It would have been a little better if I had found the entrance to the restaurant first instead of having to go through the whole hotel to get there. Though I have to say that the Town Hall Hotel was very interesting and going through the lobby all the way to the restaurant which is at the far end you get to see some turn of the century items that where really worth seeing.

The first set of amuse bouche, left to right: Thai explosion II, air dried duck ham, Paprika brioche with whipped pig fat, smoked enoki mushrooms with lardo and dashi

Mushroom consome

Fresh cheese with peas and flowers: very interesting textures and flavors the peas where raw and gave off a great pungent flavor that worked well with the fresh cheese

One of the most interesting dishes I have had: Tuna Bone marrow with rice stock and kombo... it almost tasted like congee with tuna but different textures. 

Charred marinated mackerel with cured lemon and sorrel.  The sorrel helped to bring out the flavor of the mackerel and the acidic lemon cut through the oiliness of the fish that was part raw.

White, green and wild asparagus with milk skin. The texture of the milk skin have a different edge to the dish.  

Brill with daikon and red currants. This was the dish that I did not enjoy as much as the others as I found that the daikon over powered the brill, that was cooked perfectly. The acidity of the red currants where a great touch though... not sure about the daikon... too strong in my humble palettes opinion.

This dish wowed me! Confit salmon, fried aubergine and braised skin, this was finished with a dashi. It was an explosion of umami flavout and the texture of the salmon was perfect. Never had poached salmon skin on purpose this was great too.

Cod tripe with onion and crispy potatoes. Textural explosion: gelatinous tripe with a salty twang, creamy and sweet caramelized onions and crispy fried potatoes. 

Bone marrow with onion and beef consome. One word yummy!!!

Duck heart, duck tongue with mushroom floss and spiced broth. Never had duck tongue or heart and the flavor was very good, texture a little chewy but its as expected since it is tongue !! haha the Morrel mushroom and the mushroom floss gave a rich earthy flavor.

Pork secretos with hot potato gel and cereals. This dish evoked a very interesting reaction because it reminded me of  braised pork with rice. 

Frozen Maple with shiso and green apple. Great palette cleanser

White chocolate with grapefruit and lemon: the dish had some smoked merangues as well that gave a very interesting smoky taste to the dessert

Pickled and raw cucumber with milk sorbet: freshness in a bowl

The chocolates where interesting just what you need after all this food. A good dose of chocolate !! 

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