Sunday, 12 June 2011

An unusual find in the middle of Marbella: Vegan Desserts!!

So have just moved to Marbella for work reason. Been here before and lived here before. So walking around in the centre we came across a very interesting restaurant. Loving Hut a vegan restaurant in Avenida Miguel Cano 11. it is a chain of vegan restaurants all around the world. Each restaurant has their own menu but all vegan. I have to say that it was a very very interesting experience.

Burrito: Vegetarian Chilli made with chickpeas and pinto beans and Soya Cheese. Great depth of flavour and really enjoyed it. Not as heavy as a normal burrito but still nice and filling

Falafel with ´Yoghurt´ sauce and hummus. The great thing about this is that the falafels where not dry but nice and moist 

This is an caprese salad tomato and mozzarella but with a soya based cheese instead of the soft buffalo mozzarella. The taste was very close, the touch of oregano and basil gave it a very authentic taste. The only thing that stands out and that is just to be picky is that the texture of the cheese is a little tougher than the mozzarella

This was what attracted us to the restaurant in the first place the desserts: Carrot cake, shockingly the waiter informs us that yes it 100% vegan. So bring it on. Have to say its great! One of the best carrot cakes I have tasted vegan or not, moist and tasty. I think the fact that it was not overly covered with the cheese frosting. The frosting made assume from a soya based cream cheese was just enough but the great thing was the cake itself. 

Now the piece de resistance cheesecake with cherry. I don´t know how they did it but my god this was a great cheesecake!! If you are ever in Marbella you must try this cheesecake !!

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