Sunday, 17 April 2011


Went to have dinner with a friend in Sketch. Have been before but only for drinks. Went with an open mind and well wanted to be surprise and a surprise it was !!

Loved the menu with the forks coming out of the centre. Almost poked and eye out hahaha!! Joking

Bread basket, good bread, the focaccia I thought was very good, soft and fluffy. What I really got me going though was the lego bread basket! Ok so I did try to break it apart I assume that they already thought about that as the lego had been super glued together!

Spring! This was the name of the dish and it was a very interesting salad. I was expecting it to be warm but all the components were cold with a lovely pea cream at the base and a soft poached egg. Very refreshing and very spring.

Sorry about this photo I was using my phone and well its just not the same. But to continue its a  roasted saddle of lamb with watercress and a very complex spiced butter with cardamon. In the background we have the gratine dauphinois and  creamed spinach. Something that I spent one year making in a restaurant. Good stuff.

Chocolate cake with caramel and sea salt. One word GREAT!  

Love macaroons, and here you can order them individually or  as many as you would like... had to stop at two as they only had two flavours. Though I have been told that they change them daily.... good excuse to go back!! 

This was probably the only thing that got me while we were having dinner. The art installation in the Gallery was of a collage of scenes from Aliens. Which was a little disturbing until...

You get to the toilets and well these pod are very funny. Especially since they play the sound of a church with the coughing in the background!!  

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