Sunday, 8 May 2011

Hand made ice-cream in Camden with liquid nitrogen !!

So when the weather is nice and sunny there is nothing better than a great ice-cream. So off we go to this great little place in Camden Market called Chin-Chin Lab

This place has some swings at the entrance so the first thing you should is get a swing because there is nothing better than having an ice-cream on a swing.

So you walk in and there is this clip board with three flavours and you get to choose topping and sauce. 

This guy then explains to you about the liquid nitrogen which is at -195C and adds the ice-cream base into the kitchen aid. He then adds the liquid nitrogen and beats. 

So great toppings and sauces to be added to the  ice-cream. Went with the hazelnut crunch and for the sauce the sea salt caramel. I thought it would go well with the flavour of the week: Queen of Puddings ¨Raspberry and Cake¨

The finished products !! I have to say that they really hit the spot!! 

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