Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Funny how a simple request of a change in a dish can throw the service out of sync.
Imagine as happened to us the other night when a table of 8 people asks having already ordered and in the middle of a busy service that they cannot eat anything with sunflower oil.

This can be a simple request but it also entails that we go through every single item that they have ordered and check to ensure that in the whole preparation method no sunflower oil. Of course we don´t use sunflower oil but we do use vegetable oil which has a component of sunflower oil. Oh what a life we lead!! There we are in the middle of service going through the cooking process of 15 different dishes to see if there is any point during it that we could have used vegetable oil. This of course is done while serving another 120 customers and a private function full of journalists. Have to say though that I love a challenge like this and always want the customer leave feeling like they had a great time! And that the food was great too!!

So the next time that you have a nice little request for the kitchen please remember about the poor guy in the kitchen that has to make that!!

Regards to all !!!

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