Sunday, 23 January 2011

The Fat Duck!! This was fun !!

Beetroot and horseradish 

Lime and Vodka with green tea

Grain Mustard Ice Cream with red cabbage gazpacho

This was special from Heston´s TV program
From Left to Right
Roquette Waldorf, Salmon with avocado and horseradish, Foie gras with almonds

Oak moss 

Truffle toast with chicken liver parfait and green pea pure

Snail Porridge

Mock turtle soup 

the soup part your tea cup turns into your soup

The story behind this is from Alice in Wonderland they explained the waiter as they make the soup from a fake watch. to see what the real mock turtle soup is 

The seaside: a collection of smoked fish and seaweed. You are given a set of ear phones that play the sound of the seaside to bring back memories of the sea 

Low temperature cooked salmon with liquorice sauce and vanilla mayonnaise

Saddle of venison with beetroot accompanied with spelt risotto

The spelt risotto with puffed spelt and fired sweetbread

Hot and Cold earl grey tea 

Caramelized apple tart

The best version of Black Forest Gateau that I have tasted

Nitro scrambled eggs with bacon and toast 

Whisky gums without the whisky all the flavour without the alcohol

An experience like non other, through out the meal everything was relaxed, but at the same time very very personal. Waiters even started joking with us, though after 5 1/2 hours for a meal the entertainment of the service was a very good addition. It was also fun to see some table side service being done. The scrambled eggs show was something that brought together the classic table side service with the modern twist.

Imagine this: the waiter places a burner and a pan in front of the table and gladly pronounces that its breakfast time. He swiftly puts a carton of half a dozen eggs on the table all with the fat duck logo. With a glint in his eye he informs us very seriously that these eggs come from special Fat Duck Chickens that have been fed Vanilla. He then proceeds to crack open each egg and produce a lovely creme anglaise... or as he says by shaking the egg really well you mix the yolk ! Almost believed him too! With the help of liquid nitrogen in the pan he scrambles the eggs. Just as two more waiters appears with two plates of bacon and toast. Caramelised Bacon with French Toast and the scrambled eggs on top.

Once in a life time experience. Service faultless.

Though I have to hand it to the Chefs who in a small kitchen can produce a wonderful array of food in a kitchen almost as large as the one that I have at home.

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