Saturday, 4 February 2012

Bar Masa NYC our last lunch before leaving!!!

So with about 4 hours before our flight leaves we decide to have a light lunch... so had to be Japanese. We had been told that the menu it the main restaurant Masa is around $500 per person so we decided that better the bar !! It has been 5 days of eating so... And what an experience it was.

This is what happens when you sit to have lunch about 1 minute after the restaurant opens... time was tight...

Rockshrimp Frito with romescu... beautifully fried and the romescu was nice and creamy (the only thing I was able to  try  of this dish) it was so good that we ordered another one!!

Kanpachi sashimi with jalapeneos and fried potatoes... smooth and loved the spicy kick of the jalapeneos!!! 

Fried calamari with onions great tempura crispy, and not oily at all !! 

Wagyu beef sashimi with garlic soy... interesting though the cold of the sashimi dulls the lovely flavor of the beef... the touch of soy does help with the flavor...

Peking duck and foie gras crepe... it was good, I mean come one peking duck good, foie gras good... crepe good... all together very good. Though there were 5 of us... so.... 

Braised black cod with daikon... this dish I absolutely loved... not only because it was another way of eating black cod that was not glazed with miso (a preparation that I adore) the braising liquid was according to the waiter dashi, soy, sake, mirin, ginger and sugar. Spectacular !!!!

Nasu Eggplant with yuzu miso... well we really could not resist not having something with a miso glaze and I personally love eggplant... very good though a little strong on the sake tasted very alcoholly !!! But still good.

Another fried chicken !!! Garlic Chicken Karaage well this was I ordered as the rock shrimp was so well fried I wanted to try too!!! 

Braised short rib with tosazu vinaigrette... tender melt in your mouth short rib and the acidity of the vinaigrette really helped counter the richness of the beef...

Chefs selection of rolls... we also had sushi... the rice was at the perfect temperature and the seasoning was just right, slight touch of acidity and saltines really worth it !!!

Now just looking forward to going back and trying the big brother Masa restaurant and that $500 menu !!!! On the wish list for 2012!!!!

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