Sunday, 22 January 2012

ABC Kitchen in NYC

First post of this New Year and new projects on the horizon... guess where I will be headed in the Summer? My time in Marbella is coming to an end and yes you have guessed it I am relocating to NYC !!! First scouting trip to the Big Apple was very interesting and here is one of the restaurants that we enjoyed the most... organic/all natural !!!

Place setting was great each of us got a different base plate. Reminds me of sitting at my grandmothers table for sunday lunch (or whenever she would break out the fine china!)

Tuna sashimi with ginger and mint!! Great flavor and loved the picant touch of the ginger and the slight soy in the background!!! Plus can never get enough of sushi/sashimi so great bonus!!

Bay Scallops sautéed... slightly spicy and rich in flavor or at least thats what the rest of the table said as I don't eat shellfish... allergy... shame most people tell me... don't know been like that for almost always !!! 

We had to try some of the organic vegetables so we ordered a very interesting pairing of ingredients.... glazed spicy carrots and avocado. This was from their market table part of the menu and changes as the season and availability change. It also had a spicy flavor to the carrots and the micro salad on top worked well to mellow it out. 

Crab meat toast !!! According to the rest of the table it was spectacular, rich and salty crab !!! 

This on the other hand I can personally say was spectacular !!! Roasted pumpkin toast... amazing that it had no meat on it but had a great earthy and almost meaty flavor coming through!! 

The starters... table was a little tight... but that was more because we like to share all the starters and main course thus getting to taste more things!!! You have to if you want to get a great cross section of such an interesting menu!! Great little detail as well of serving extra virgin olive oil from California instead of butter... for those of us who like olive oil instead of butter... though .... 

When on the menu you see something that is called Fried Chicken... well you just have to order it !!! And wow what a fired chicken... worth it!!!

Sautéed Brussels sprouts... its the season and they are sweet and slightly bitter and perfectly cooked!!

Roasted suckling pig with lardon and caramelized onions...

This dish was probably the one we liked the least... not for anything else than coming from Spain the suckling pig we have tasted is just better... 

This pizza was great!!! Mushrooms, cheese and egg... three great ingredients on top of a pizza.... I mean what else can you say???!??? YUMMY 

Clams, mint, parsley and jalapeño chillies... consensus it was good but they were not big fans of so much spice !! But hey I just took the jalapeños and put them on the mushroom pizza... adapt and evolve !!! hahahah  

So all in all a great dinner at ABC kitchen and the interior of the restaurant is spectacular... not to mention the shop and the great open plan kitchen !!!

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