Sunday, 20 February 2011

Probably the best Churros Con Chocolate in London

Had a craving for some churros con chocolate and remembered this great new place in Westfield Shopping centre. Tapas Revolution its as its name implies a tapas bar and its located on the second floor of the Westfield Shopping centre.

Created by a friend and fellow chef Omar, who aside from other things became famous when Gordon Ramsey called him the Antonio Banderas of chefs, in his program Gordon Ramsey´s best restaurants. Well it made him famous among the chefs circle anyway.

Go and enjoy the churros con chocolate... they also have tapas!!!

Your place setting is your menu so enjoy it!! Great tapas though some things are better than others. For me I go for the churros

Lovely churros con chocolate, I know what you are thinking, very little chocolate, but its just enough and the quality of the chocolate is very good. Top tip here the mixture of sugar and cinnamon that they crust with the churros gives it a great flavour and in my opinion takes out the oiliness of the fried churros.

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